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Oct 24

The Witches - Official Trailer:

Broken heart gallery Trailer:

After we collided Trailer:

FRIENDSGIVING Trailer (2020) Kat Dennings, Comedy Movie

CLOUDS Trailer (2020)

KAJILLIONAIRE Trailer (2020)

THE WOLF OF SNOW HOLLOW Official Trailer (2020)

THE AMITYVILLE HARVEST Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie.

REDWOOD MASSACRE 2: ANNIHILATION Official Trailer (2020) Horror Movie

Amulet - Official Trailer-

Blue Ridge | Official Trailer:

THE DEVIL HAS A NAME Official Trailer (2020) Drama Movie

LOVE AND MONSTERS Trailer (2020)

All movies are in 1080p High Definition ,Audio Channel 5.1 (same as the default for all dvd movies , netflix, hulu ,amazon videos and all other digital streaming services )

-all movies are the ones that have come out this week on demand, or on DVD

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